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The Importance That Flash Games Played

Flash Games, they’re not as popular as they typically used to be. But I’m certain a great many of you fondly recall those glorious days when these online games were still free. And you could play them easily without downloading them as most of these games ran on very low pixel resolutions.

They would not take up much space on your computer’s hard drive if any at all. How many of us properly understand the true Origins and historic nature of what we know today as online games? And where would many of the games we all know and naturally love to play today be without their humble beginnings as Flash? A brief history of what is Flash and how they came to be.And what were some of the motivations behind creating such easy and less complex methods for developers or any average person with limited knowledge in programming.

To Create online games. There was a time when some of the most innovative and addictive games out there were Flash. With imaginative ideas and experiments in mechanics, with tools that were available to anyone with the drive and motivation to develop a functional video game. Flash made it possible for anyone with the time and willingness to learn to go ahead and create their very own Online Games.

Many of us at the time and even today still don’t realize.The importance that Flash Games played in the foundation for the extremely advanced games we love to play today. In 1993, an established company developed a software that was intended to allow its active users. To design on their tablet computers enabled to use styluses. While here in the future we all love styluses. In 1993 the technology wasn’t that accomplished. As it would not function as intended on many of the devices it ran on. They ended up modifying the software and allowed it a frame by frame animation feature. This technology gradually evolved into what we now know as Adobe Flash. 94% of all modern computers today, both portable laptops and standard desktops typically include the Adobe Flash software installed and running on them. People use flash for many purposes, and one of them was to design games or more precisely online games. 

By 2002, Flash opened the floodgates; they radically transform everything in so many ways. And although they were not as complex as the games, we know today. These games were admittedly some of the most fun games you could play for free online. But the most essential point to recognize here is that it all started because various tools were opened up to more people who genuinely wanted to produce art. In a type of medium that they weren’t capable to do until then. Many online games were really dumb, but many of them were really innovative too. In a way the doors were open that would have been unopened. Unless someone said, know what we need to naturally make it where ordinary people can develop games and not just the leading gaming corporations. And Adobe Flash was that answer because people desperately wanted something different, new and creative in this way the Flash era had begun.

Flash Games did lead to a revolution, and it inevitably led to the possible opening of the games today, could it lead to a reopening? I would love for it to be so and definitely support any effort to bring back the creativity in our gaming industry. As most of the games today seem so repetitive and lacking in creative ideas.