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The Blockbuster Video Game Market

The blockbuster video game market may be filled with expansive worlds and hundreds of hours of gameplay, but sometimes you don’t have the time, attention span, or sixty bucks to give- no matter how gripping the content, how developed the characters, or beautiful the graphics. Fortunately, there’s a world of flash games available within your browser. 

Flash games are available in every category of game, whether you like puzzle games, role playing games, or strategy games. There are even genres of games you may never have heard of before- idle games are particularly popular because they can be played a couple minutes at a time and left running in a background tab on your computer while you work on something else. 

You can find all kinds of flash games through a simple web search. Try Armor Games or Kongregate, two game portals which feature thousands of games in dozens of categories. Many, if not most of these games are the product of individual, often amateur game developers. So if you like the idea of supporting and giving feedback to programmers who are eager to hear it, it’s a great way to get involved in a community, too. And if you find something deserving, many of these websites also have functionality that lets you tip the game maker! 

Because it’s possible to earn money this way, it’s not just an amateur effort- there are an ever-increasing number of big games companies who focus on this type of browser game, creating games that are free and fun to play, but which also sell bonus items or levels for those who are really in love with the game. Even if you don’t end up spending any money on them, the incentive to earn your cash means plenty of free games are just as good quality as things you might find on a portable gaming console.