Flash Games: A Constantly Growing Market

Flash Games: A Constantly Growing Market

When talking about videogames, it’s common to talk only about titles for PC and consoles as a prominent market, and the emerging sectors of mobile games, social networks. But we can’t forget the ones for “use in browsers”, games that have been around for so long now, videogames we call ‘flash’ in webpages. In two words: Flash Games.

Video games in ‘flash’ and online sounds like something so simple in 2019 and it’s a subject that we don’t usually talk too much about. But silently and over the years, the business of flash games have grown beautifully on the Internet, without the need for advertising and just because people talk about them.

As an example we can mention the case of Minijuegos.com, a Spanish page founded in 2003. But the truth is that his figures could overwhelm anyone.

12 million users per month!

The is alive for 16 years now! and that’s crazy. At first, its founder planned to launch the portal with the domaingames.com, but at that time it was already a juicy domain asking for almost $500,000. So he opted for another less popular domain that is currently one of the most visited online flash video game pages in Spanish. It has no less than 12 million unique users per month.

The 12 million users per month means to Minijuegos a number between 180 and 200 million page views per month. All thanks to small titles that can be played in 5 minutes or half an hour. This portal works as a distributor and offers games for free, with publicity or micro transactions. Being so popular, it happens a lot that game developers from all over contact them to add their videogames to the site. In Minijuegos there are about 20 workers, and its interesting to see that only few of them are dedicated to the development of video games.